kid’s Media

Kids are constantly immersed in a wide range of media, whether they’re reading a book, watching TV or playing video games. It’s important for parents to have a healthy understanding of what their children are exposed to and how this can affect them.

Common Sense Media offers an array of resources for kids’ media and apps to help parents make informed decisions about what content their kids can access. These resources include “best of” lists, ratings and reviews that are curated by Common Sense Media’s staff and by parents. They also offer advice on how to protect children’s privacy and ensure that their digital activities are not harming them.

Kid’s News

Kids’ news is a valuable source of information about current events and what is happening around the world. It can teach young people about politics, economics, health, culture and geography. Moreover, it can help them form a foundation for empathy and compassion.

CBC, NowThis and TIME for Kids Each of these three outlets has created a kid-focused online vertical that is dedicated to teaching kids about the world. Unlike many news organizations that focus solely on delivering breaking stories, these outlets rely on a combination of in-house expertise and parent education to create engaging, educational stories for kids.

NowThis for Kids focuses on encouraging kids to take action and inspire them with stories about people doing great things. Its content includes stories about body positivity, equality and climate change, all issues that align with NowThis’s core themes of social justice and environmental sustainability.

TIME for Kids, meanwhile, covers key TIME stories in a kid-friendly way that is geared toward younger audiences. It combines TIME’s traditional reporting with a variety of interactive tools and educational materials to deliver information that teaches critical thinking skills in an age-appropriate manner.

Be Wary of Apps and Websites that Use GPS

Most kids’ apps and websites have a feature called “location sharing” or “advanced search.” These features allow the app or site to track where you are and what you’re doing, which can be dangerous if you’re in an unsafe area. Additionally, some apps and websites use your location data to target ads to you. Be aware of the legal notifications that come up when you use these features, and don’t use them without your child’s permission.

Representation and Diversity

About six in ten parents say that representation is very important for their children, and seven in ten Black parents say it is especially important. These parents want media that shows people of their ethnicity and races in realistic, non-stereotypical ways.

As a result, many media creators have opted to put a focus on children of color and gender-inclusive content. These initiatives are vital to developing a culture where all children feel safe and respected.

These projects are often supported by a partnership with an arts organization or nonprofit, such as the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs’ Family Arts Program. These partnerships help bring in diverse artists and filmmakers to tell stories about real-world experiences.