Younger Audience

Younger audiences have long been a challenge for media organisations. This is not just because of their differences in behaviours and preferences, but because they have been evolving at a much faster rate than older generations have been. This has resulted in a raft of fundamental shifts in news consumption among the youngest generation that are unlikely to be reversed with time.

Taking the time to understand your audience is critical for any successful marketing campaign, but this applies especially to younger audiences. It’s important to know their interests and habits, watch how they interact with different types of content, analyse the apps they use, strike up conversations and engage with them, and ask questions.

Doing so will help you create relevant and engaging content for your target audience and show that your brand is interested in their needs. It will also make them feel like they are part of a community that cares about them.

It’s also worth considering your brand’s identity and what it stands for in relation to your target audience. Some brands may need to adapt their message or style if it doesn’t feel right for the age group they’re targeting.

Video can be a great tool for engaging with younger audiences, especially if it has a more casual tone. It’s a way to communicate information in a more accessible form and will often work better than written content for this audience, as well as providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality.

Using social media to promote your content is also a good idea if you want to reach a younger audience. You can start by experimenting with a few platforms and see where you get the most engagement from. It may take some trial and error to find the best fit for your brand, but it will be worth it in the end.

Livestreaming is a great way to engage with your audience. It will give them a sense of “event” and let you create an authentic relationship with them, which is especially important when targeting younger audiences.

You can use your videos as a platform to talk about issues that are important to your brand, which will appeal to them and help build their trust in your brand. This will also be useful when it comes to promoting events that will be of interest to them.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve and new social networks emerge, it’s becoming increasingly clear that young audiences are more likely to use visually focused platforms for their news. In particular, TikTok has become popular with millennials, while YouTube is increasing in popularity as well.

Instagram is also a popular platform with this audience, which is why the Guardian has used it to develop a loyal following by creating daily stories on topics that would normally only be covered in its print publication. The content is also aimed at encouraging new followers to become regular readers and to eventually consider paying for the digital content.